LA CROIXS OVER BOYS started as a joke. The phrase popped into my head over the summer and I thought it would be a funny line to throw out at a party or, at best, a great Instagram caption. Aiming high, Chels.

I have a knack for taking jokes too far, so for the sake of tradition I went online and ordered a couple t-shirts with the phrase on it in hopes of one day making a joke and then having a shirt about said joke. One night some gal pals of mine and I were all hanging out and La Croix had made its way into our conversation. We went on and on and it was in that moment the world wiggled a little bit and made a space for me to make a joke and say the phrase LA CROIXS OVER BOYS out loud for the first time. The girls giggled and I told them I may or may not have already made t-shirts with our new favorite saying on them. I figured we’d wear them and every now and again they’d meet a stranger who’d find the shirt funny and my friends would say something like, “lol, yeah my friend made this one time—she’s a real jokester!” Again, aiming high.

That week a few of them ordered the shirt and the following week mine came in the mail.  As soon as it arrived I threw it on and snapped a pic for Instagram. I thought it’d only be appropriate to let La Croix in on the fun, after all they are a big reason the phrase means anything to anyone. I tagged @lacroixwater and waited.

It was a hit! I’m not saying it was KONY2012 or anything, but a hit nonetheless. That week my picture made its way around the Internet and appeared on Bloomberg’s Business Review and La Croix’s Instagram even reposted the pic and before I knew it everyone wanted to order these shirts.

So here we are! Slingin’ tees, having a ball, and living for bubbles over bros.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for the future of LA CROIXS OVER BOYS, but for now it’s just t-shirts and a whole lotta fun! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a part of the world’s best inside joke.  Stay posted on what’s to come and remember La Croixs Over Boys forever and ever amen.

Your gal pal,



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